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Great service and conveniently located in Huntington Beach, California, we have the crates...


We have been a consistent supplier of heavy-duty milk crates for decades...


Our plastic milk crates are the same ones meeting the demands of automated milk processing plants. These crates have many quality features the dairy industry expects. Whether you need all-plastic or steel ringed crates, rectangular or square, with hot stamp branded logos, we have the crates you need.

All the milk crates are built to last with proven design features that stand up to brutal rigors of distribution and storage. They have rounded and reinforced corners, bottoms with handles. These milk cases are made with UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants to insure the high-density polyethylene resins remain durable and colorfast for the life of all the crates we sell. Our milk crates will protect your valuable product with smooth interiors and recessed bottoms. They have superior top load strength for stacking to save precious floor space in refrigerated warehouses and storage rooms.

We have decades of excellent customer service and a proven dedication to our customer's requirements.


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